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Scaling Everest On An $8.99 Insole

November 10, 2006 - Climbing Mt. Everest takes more than just guts and stamina. It takes money, and lots of it. From state-of-the-art climbing gear to high-tech protective clothing, outerwear, tents, food and oxygen tanks, the top-flight tools needed for such an expedition is expensive, but cost is not a factor when your life depends upon your equipment.

So when it came to protecting what is arguably the most important part of a climber's body, the feet, Dr. Alistair Sutcliffe, a mountaineer from the United Kingdom who is trying to become only one of a few hundred people in the world who have climbed the famed "Seven Summits," chose the best insole money can buy - a product that sells for $8.99 at food, drug and mass outlets throughout the U.S. - PROFOOT� Foot Care's 2 oz. Miracle.

According to Dr. Sutcliffe, the importance of a high-quality insole can't be taken for granted when facing the harsh conditions and grueling climbing involved in scaling these summits. In addition to providing vital added cushioning, he has found that the 2 oz. Miracle also has significant insulating properties - a benefit that comes in handy as the temperature approaching the summits can sometimes dip to 40 degrees below zero.

"The challenging nature of my climbs and the extensive training that I endure during the year require the best equipment available on the market. The quality and durability of PROFOOT products provide me with the ease of mind and top of the line protection during the toughest of climbs," says Dr. Sutcliffe. "I have no doubt that my success is greatly nurtured by the partnership that I have developed with PROFOOT� products. I would not leave home without them."

The 2 oz. Miracle is made of advanced memory foam that literally "learns" the shape of your foot as you walk, locking it in place to improve comfort and reduce fatigue. The ultra-lightweight construction and material not only prevents the addition of additional weight on the foot, unlike heavy inserts, it provides an effective cushioning barrier against the cold ground.

Dr. Sutcliffe has already climbed Mt. Everest (Asia), Mt. McKinley (North America), Vinson Massif (Antarctica) and Mt. Aconcagua (South America) and most recently, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest peak.

To maintain the appropriate level of fitness and stamina required to climb these mountains, Dr. Sutcliffe also runs between six and eight marathons a year. To date, he has completed 30 marathons and is planning to complete the Comrade's marathon-54 miles-in South Africa in 2007. To protect his toenails against nail damage that can occur from running, Dr. Sutcliffe uses PROFOOT Vita-Gel Toe Protectors. Toe Protectors surround, soothe, and moisturize sore toes with 100% mineral oil enriched gel protection. The pure gel design protects the underlying toe and fits snugly without irritating or constricting fabric. In addition to using the Toe Protectors while running, he also uses them to keep toes from becoming damaged from frostbite.

But the insulating properties of the 2 oz. Miracle are not just useful when scaling mountains, they work equally well on cold winter city streets.

"While we may not face temperatures of 40 below," says Dan Feldman, VP of marketing for PROFOOT, "winters can be brutal and we are all well familiar with the practice of stamping our feet to stay warm. Just as Dr. Sutcliffe found that the 2 oz. Miracle kept his feet insulated on Mt. Everest, they will provide that same level of protection on icy streets and sidewalks."

About the "Seven Summits"
The Seven Summits are the highest mountains of each of the seven continents. Mountains that make up the Seven Summits include Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,340 ft) in Africa, Vinson Massif (16,066 ft) in Antarctica, Carstensz Pyramid (16,023 ft) in Indonesia, Mt. Everest (29,035) in Asia, Elbrus (18,510 ft) in Europe, Mt. McKinley (Denali) (20,320 ft) in North America and Mt. Aconcagua (22,834 ft) in South America.

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