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PROFOOT Testimonials

"The challenging nature of my climbs and the extensive training that I endure during the year require the best equipment available on the market. The quality and durability of PROFOOT products provide me with the ease of mind and top of the line protection during the toughest of climbs," says Dr. Sutcliffe. "I have no doubt that my success is greatly nurtured by the partnership that I have developed with PROFOOTÓ▓»ducts. I would not leave home without them."

Dr. Sutcliffe, UK

"Thank you for Flex-Tastic!!! I have a metatarsal callous on my left foot. I am a hairdresser and the pain was becoming unbearable. I tried Flex-Tastic and the pain relief was immediate. I now where them everyday after work. The callous is becoming smaller and pain free! Every hairdresser needs these!!!"

Tina, WI

"I am a soldier in Iraq and I am always on my feet. I was having terrible foot pain (arch). Since I put these (Triad) in my shoes, it has been a change in my life. I am grateful for your product. Trust me it works."

Howard, GA

"I love your product!! I'm a nurse and suffer from leg pain while at work unless I'm wearing your insoles."

Diane, IA

"I bought a new paur of sneakers that did not have the correct cushing in the heel, and because of this my heel would hurt in any shoe I wore. After two days of using Triad I had no pain when walking."

Joseph, MA

"THIS STUFF (Heel Rescue Cream) REALLY WORKS!!!! I tried it last night and I when I got up the next morning my heels were soft and smooth."

Nancy, GA

"I hope you always continue to make this is the BEST insole I have EVER found...thank you for providing a great product."

Diane, IA

"I love your products and can't go without them in my shoes."

Larry, OK

"Since I found your insoles two years ago, this is the only brand that I purchase. This is excellent for sneakers and walking shoes."

Qan, CA

"I work a 12hr shift on my feet all day. These are the best inserts I have purchased. I put them in all my shoes. Thanks for a great product"

Lois, SC

Started wearing your product, today, and found it to be the best insoles I have ever used."

William, OR